Blonde Boost FAQ

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- What is Blonde Boost?

A 60vol maximum lift developer made to take your blondes to a higher level.

- What can I mix Blonde Boost into?

Any Lightener or color intended for off scalp applications

Examples include:

Balayage clay lighteners, creative color blonding, and any foil applications.

- How do you mix Balay Powder into them?

Simply replace your current developer with with Blonde Boost 60vol or mix it into your current developer equal parts to customize your volume of lift. E.x 40vol+60vol =50vol. Then process according to your manufacturer's directions.

- Does Balay Powder Impact Processing Time?

Blonde Boost is a maximum lift 60vol developer and will process quickly. This is particularly useful for open air techniques such as balayage that have a short window of processing before the product dries out. Now you can achieve a level of blond never achieved before with your first balayage application.  

- Does Blonde Boost work well with Balay Powder mixtures?

Yes! They are sisters and produce the best results when together.






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What are the ingredients in blonde boost?

June 20, 2019 at 09:13am

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