Key Business Tips to Become a Successful 100k Hairstylist

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If you are struggling to grow your career and make more revenue as a hairstylist? You are in the right place my friend.

 Not having a key business plan put into place could keep you from being the successful hairstylist you’re meant to be! 

As a Top 200 salon owner I have designed key business tips to help hairstylists like you become successful. In this episode I’m going to go over business plan elements that will help you become a successful hairstylist! Every hairstylist that has followed these key business tips have reached success and are living their best lives.

I want to help you have this kind of success as well. So let’s get to it…

Step 1: Know your service times. Write them down and break them down by application, processing, and dry time.

Step 2: Productivity: This is the the hours you have available to sell vs the hours you have actually booked. 

  • E.x. If you have 40 hours available to book last month and you booked only 20 of those hours, you’d have 50% productivity. 

Step 3: Pre-booking: How many people have booked their next appointment? Goal should be to reach 80% as a top performer. 

Step 4: Retention: How many people actually came back to see you in the last 90days. Goal should be to reach 80% as a top performer. 

Step 5: Retail to total sales %: The number of retail sold divided by the total service $. Goal should be to reach 20% as a top performer. 

Now I know there are alot of people out there who do not have access to this kind of reporting and I’ve created a handy little tracker that allows you to easily enter these numbers in at the end of your day and it auto-populates all the reporting you need. 

You can purchase the hairstylist growth tracker as part of the hairstylist growth training here:


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