Make $10K a Month as a Hairstylist | Marketing Plan for 2021

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Looking for a way to make $10K a month as a hairstylist? Stop stressing about money and have a marketing plan for 2021 that will help you make $10K a month as a hairstylist! 

Why struggle with money and be stuck where you’re at when you can use this marketing plan for 2021 and learn how to make $10K a month! After struggling with money and seeing other stylists do the same, I decided to sit down and make a marketing plan that worked. Being a Top 200 salon owner helped me to design the best marketing plan for 2021 that has helped countless hairstylists make $10K a month! 

Say goodbye to worrying about money and get ready to make $10K a month as a hairstylist with this marketing plan for 2021! Watch this video to learn the best marketing plan for 2021 and how to make $10K a month as a hairstylist. 

Step 1. Identify your target market

Step2: Build a freebie offer

Step 3: Give the offer to friends and family and ask them to give it to their friends

Step 4: Conne3ct with your families friends on social media, comment on their post and send them a dm telling them you love their hair.

Step 4: join local community groups

Step 5: Send out a new mover letter to those new to the neighborhood


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