How To Manage and Make More Money as a Hairstylist

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Want to be able to manage, make, and save MORE money and become financially free as a hairstylist? If you’re ready to manage and make more money as a hairstylist watch this video! 

I believe that having financial freedom and saving money for the future should be every hairstylist’s goal. 

Surprisingly though, that’s not the norm for most stylists. Imagine it’s the last paycheck of the month, you open the pantry and realize you are in need of a grocery visit. You open your bank app on your phone and realize there’s only $60 left in your account! Next paycheck doesn’t show up for a week and you start to realize you need gas, your amazon prime bill is still due…

Where did all the money go?? How did it go so fast?? This situation describes “too much month at the end of the money” quite perfectly, doesn’t it?

Is this how you live some months? Do you want help breaking this cycle so you can actually start managing, saving, and making more money as a hairstylist? Or maybe you live in a place where everything is paid, but you feel deprived with nothing left and want to learn to better manage your money so you can save and make even more money. 

In this video I’ll share how to manage and make more money as a hairstylist! As I’ve worked to manage and organize my business, I learned how to make MORE money as hairstylist with this perfect plan and process. 

  1. I get that we have a fluctuating pay, some months are better than others. 
    1. This is something we must be mindful of when it comes to saving money
    2. Get to know your cycle. What is the eb and flow? 
  2. Know where your money is going
    1. Track all your expenses, whats going out, google “money management app”
    2. Now track how much money you have going in on average 
  3. Pay yourself first always
    1. Then pay your expenses. If it does not work out then you need to cut your expenses. Simple as that, find ways to cut 
  4. Hire an accountant, bookkeeper, tax professional. 
  5. Save and invest – hire a financial adviser and set goals
  6. Find ways to increase your income. 
    1. Take a course that teaches you systems to make more money behind the chair. I am offering a free training called “why it’s so slow in the salon and how to fix it” where you can learn how to see less customers and make more money. It has been proven in our top 200 salon and has gotten results for countless students. It wil vbkjjjjjvm.zO absolutely free download it today by clicking the link below or in my bio if you are on instagram. 
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 Disclaimer: These are the methods that have worked for me but you should always consult a financial advisor. 


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