How To Do an Amazing Client Consultation

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Have you had a client situation where you realized we were not on the same page? Maybe you’ve had a correction or an adjustment that was needed for a particular service that could have been avoided with a thorough consultation? If so, this episode is going to add a ton of value to your career as a hairstylist. 

Delivering a stellar consultation is one of the most important systems to a hairstylist’s success. When you follow and master this system you will see an immediate improvement in your guest experience. Your guests will be excited to come back and tell all their friends and family about you.  As a bonus you will make more of that money girl!

Most hairstylists think that they deliver a great consultation but seem to keep having guests coming back to the salon for adjustments. Or even worse the guest goes to a different salon to get it fixed and they never see that person again. 

After a decade of trial and error I have learned the secret to a stellar consultation that I have taught the artists who trained under me. It has worked to cut down on the corrections in the salon,helped get them booked through referrals, and make more money. 

Today I am going to share the system with you so that you too can have the same results. 

Lets get started…

Use open ended questions. My favorite question is…“What goals do you have for your hair?”

Ask about their past visit. “How was the last cut or color? Anything we might want to enhance?”

Repeat what you hear them say. “If I heard you correctly you’d like…”

Make a recommendation. “Based on what you shared, I’d recommend…” (any add on services or retail solutions $)

Get them excited for future visits. “This look is something we can work towards over time and on your next visit we would want to book…”

Start by practicing step 1, when you have the hang of it, add step 2, keep adding to your systems until you have it down pat! Rinse and repeat. 

I’m rooting for you! 


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