Upping Your Ticket w/ Balay Powder

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Common knowledge teaches us that time is money.  Easily said, and more easily done with a little guidance from professionals.  With those facts in mind, Balay Powder brought in balayage expert Sai Phetkhosa/@hairbysaiphetkhosa to film a video geared at helping you turn your time into money.

The video demonstrates a super-quick balayage technique with the use of Balay Powder.  By adding Balay Powder to his favorite Matrix lightener, the process is completed in a mere 20 minutes.  This quick application can easily be added to a color touch-up ticket, bringing more revenue to the salon/stylist.

Balay Powder can be added to hair color and lighteners already a part of a salon’s inventory.  This makes the cost of application far less than that of clay-based lighteners that require their own dedicated developers.  This saves money, and shelf space, in the professional back bar.

The consistency and lift performance of Balay Powder is preferred by thousands of the nation’s most elite colorists.  Find out how to save more, do more, grow more with balay powder

Check out our article in Modern Salon Magazine: 



Natural Level 5 regrowth

Ends previously lifted to a level 5

Formula 1: .5oz  Matrix Light Master + 1oz 40vol  + .5 oz BalayPowder

Formula 2: Toner Shades EQ 9n+9V 1oz +1oz processing solution. Base 6n 1oz+1oz Processing solution.

Hair color: Sai Phetkhosa/@hairbysaiphetkhosa


Makeup artist: @dollface_mubyjess


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