Balayage for Every Haircolor

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Balayage Highlights for Every Hair color

While balayage is a great option for sun-kissed highlights, the technique isn’t only for blondes. When you are beauty supply shopping, get some inspiration from current balayage trends, from warm caramels to cool blues.

Magical Cooper

Adding a touch of copper can elevate your client’s locks from something expected to something spellbinding. Golden copper is feminine, classic and will have your salon guests feeling like royalty. 


Waves of Dimension

Eye-catching and bright, caramel highlights pump up natural browns. For brunettes wanting a richer tone, try painting in a warm mahogany, creating a chocolatey look that is as tempting as the sweet treat itself.

Red & Black Balayage

When you are purchasing your professional beauty supplies, don’t forget about bold options as well. With red on black, you can use Balay Powder to add powerful streaks of color that will grow out seamlessly.

Blue Ice Is a Trendy Light Spring Hair Color

Balayage is a technique for nearly every hair texture. Clients with fine, curly, wavy, or straight hair can all elevate their look with a few touches of color, whether that color is natural tone or true, icy blueberry blue.

When creating these perfectly blended balayage looks, use the product tens of thousands of hair artists in the US and Canada rely on: Balay Powder. This beauty supply for licensed professionals is your secret weapon to achieving the ideal consistency for your balayage application. 

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