How To Get The Lightest Balayages, Ever!

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First, Educate Yourself on the Tools Needed

To achieve the perfect Balayage, pick up the right wholesale salon supplies; Blonde Boost and your fave clay base lightener or Balay Powder

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What Does Blonde Boost Do?

Blonde Boost is a maximum lift 60vol developer that processes quickly. It’s a sister product to our Balay Powder, which gives you the freedom to thicken any lightener for just the right lift and consistency. 

Especially useful for open air techniques, Blonde Boost is an ideal addition when you are working on a style with a short time window for processing. Why the quick time-frame? Because with Balayage you need to get everything in place before the product dries out. Add Blonde Boost and you can achieve the youthful blond tones your client is craving at their very first visit.  

Why Pros Choose Blonde Boost

Professionals know that Balayage can give clients summery, sun-kissed natural looking hair color. Plus, the technique has the added benefits of less noticeable regrowth and more flowing color dimension. It’s a great solution for someone who wants to refresh their look.

That said, to do Balayage right, you need to be painterly and efficient. Enter Blonde Boost, a product that can provide you the lift you want while keeping you streamlined on a fast schedule.

A Hair Artist known for spring hair color trends, James Gartner of Bii Natural Salon says “for the results you want the first time, use Blonde Boost in your clay based lightener or Balay Powder mix. It really can lift and brighten your Balayage. Plus, it’s easy to apply and will offer you predictable results.”

As Hair Artists ourselves, we know the importance of keeping your salon guest happy from their very first visit. All of our wholesale salon supplies are designed with your styling needs in mind. Try Blonde Boost today and then share your stories with us. We’d love to hear from you!


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