Salon Clients Want Light Spring Hair Colors. Are You Ready?

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Light Hair Colors for the Spring Season

Spring has sprung! As a stylist, do you have what you need to bring your guests the light spring hair colors they crave?

If you are looking for salon supplies that deliver on blonde hair colors, know that Blonde Boost 60vol developer is your secret weapon to the lightest highlights and Balayages. 

Light Spring Hair Colors, Professional Beauty Supplies


How Do I Use Blonde Boost?

Any lightener or color intended for off scalp applications can be mixed with Blonde Boost. Simply replace your current developer with this powerful product! Or, you can mix it into your current developer to customize your lift volume.

Blonde Boost works fast, which is an asset with open air techniques such as Balayage, with its softer, painterly lines. In these instances, you need to be quick, before your product dries out. With Blonde Boost, you can reach a level of blond never achieved before with your first Balayage application.  


Beauty Supply for Licensed Professionals

Because we manufacturer and distribute all our innovative salon beauty supplies directly, we cut out a tremendous amount of middle man costs. We pass that savings right on to you.

Professional beauty supplies are not all the same, we built our wholesale beauty supply line of quality professional products to sell direct to salon professionals. We are hair artists, and we know how frustrating it can be when a Balayage or foil application does not lift to the level you wanted.

Now, we are sharing with you our secret weapon, Blonde Boost. With it, you can get the results you want, every time. You will enjoy working with this fast processing product and your clients will be thrilled with the buttery, summery results. Before you go beauty supply shopping for the light spring hair colors of the season, try out our line with our free sample offer. All you pay is shipping.



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