Best Tools for Styling

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You know that great hair relies on the right tools. Keeping that in mind, do you have the brushes you need?


Hair Brushes for Blowouts


When purchasing hair brushes for blowouts, there are a few things you’ll want to remember, such as having the right barrel size for the hair length you are working with and how the brush performs under heat.


To be a versatile stylist, you need a few different brush sizes on hand. Typically, when styling longer hair, you will want a larger barrel, one of at least three inches. Shorter hair may require a different tool. Because of this we offer a few different sizes in our Extra-Long Barrel Iconic Round Brush Bundle, ranging from barrel sizes of 3.5 inches to 2.25 inches.


The bundle offers the best round hair brushes in a variety of sizes to customize each look. Every long barrel brush has a textured handle for a no-slip grip. Plus, you can be confident as you style since the Ceramic Tourmaline Technology of each barrel heats up faster eliminating frizz.  


Why Rounded Brushes?


Stylists know round brushes are a go-to asset when it comes to blowouts. Why? Because they make smoothing hair easier. You can control the tension of the hair on the brush and manage each section of the hair individually. The result is shiny, smooth, long-lasting style for your salon customers.


Also, since working in sections is the way to go for smooth blowouts, we’ll add our Gator Jaw Clips to your three brushes for only $3! That’s right, stock your station for less and get the results you’ve been looking for.


Are you ready to save money while still getting the best long round brushes in the business? Pick up an Extra-Long Barrel Iconic Round Brush Bundle today.


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