How to Get the Perfect Blowout

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You need the right salon tools to achieve the perfect blowout. Thankfully, we have the salon supplies you need to keep your guests looking great and coming back for style after style. With a Proposh Styling Bundle and these tips, your clients will look red carpet ready in no time.


Clean Hair Is Your Friend


You’ll want to begin with clean hair since oily hair won’t perform as well for a blowout. From there, think about the best styling product for the hair in front of you. If you or your client has thin hair, you may want to choose a product that provides body and volume. For someone with a lot of textured hair, you may opt for a smoothing product.


Section, Section, Section


The secret to the perfect blowout is to make sure each section looks great (and is completely dry) before moving on to the next section. If the hair is still holding some moisture, the style won’t last and the hair will frizz. Start in the front and establish the hair framing the face first. Once the bangs and any layers around the face are perfect, begin working in sections to complete the style.


The Right Tools for a Perfect Blowout


Of course, to achieve the perfect blowout you need Long Barrel Round Brushes and Gator Jaw Clips, you’ll also find those in our Proposh Styling Bundle. Keep future sections out of your way with the clips and focus on one small section at a time. Use the tension provided by the round brush to draw the hair straight. Then, follow along the hair with the heat of the hairdryer. You may wrap/set the hair using curl clips as demonstrated in the blowdry video below.


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