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Does the summer sun have you dreaming of soft, sun-kissed highlights? Trust us, you are not alone. Every year, when the hot days roll around, we are drawn to light tresses. This year, it is clear we are in good company. The temperature is heating up and so are 2019 blonde hair trends.


Thankfully, beach highlights are simple to achieve with Blonde Boost and other balayage highlighting products. The results are face flattering highlights and sunny stroke accents. Plus, during our Summa Sale, you’ll save money in the process.


Maximum Lift for Your Summer Highlights

To achieve light looks opt for Blonde Boost, a lightening booster that provides maximum lift to your summer balayage applications. You can replace your current developer with Blonde Boost or add it to the developer you are already using.


Boosting products provide beautiful, lovely looks with head-turning results. You can see the effects of using the right products in these examples of a balayage. One has visible dimension and the other is lightened to a bright summer vibe. Both of these looks are possible thanks to Blonde Boost.


Visible Dimension Balayage: Blonde Boost + Balay Powder:


Lighter Brighter Summer Vibe using Blonde Boost:


And remember, summer highlights are not only for blondes. Brunettes and darker tones can benefit from warm shades, too. Simply choose to pull a warm light caramel color throughout the hair or go with a couple of sparse blond streaks.


Beachy Summer Highlights for Less

In celebration of summer, each purchase of Blonde Boost is available for an extra 20% off. So, if you are ready to kick those beach blondes into high gear, order your Blonde Boost now.


Take advantage of the Summa Sale today! Your 20% savings is only available for a limited time. Use code: "Summa"



2 thoughts on “Summer Highlights with Blonde Boost

Team Balay

Hi Norma, Just give it a try and you will quickly get over your fear. Be sure to ask questions during the consult to see if they have ever lightened their hair before. If not you are good to go. Best of luck!

February 13, 2022 at 23:32pm
norma ortega

I haven’t used anything higher then a 30vol. I am so afraid of breakage. How do I get over this.

February 13, 2022 at 23:28pm

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