Why You Need a Balayage Paddle

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If you are wondering why you should use a balayage paddle, it’s because using the right tools will make you more assured as a stylist. And a confident hair artist has their clients leaving the salon smiling. Every time.

Designed for Stylists by Stylists

Our balayage tools give you the foundation you need for your best work, and the balayage paddle is no exception. It curves to the palm of your hand and has a non-slip texture to keep hair in place. While the hair rests on the paddle, you can focus on your painterly application, not on loose hairs.

Plus, you can see the results using boards and paddles when you are performing a variety of techniques. As stylists, we now how quickly trends can come and go. Thankfully, proper form never goes out of style. Balayage paddles can be used for block coloring, traditional foiling, and so much more.

How to Use a Balayage Paddle

To use a highlighting board, simply pull the hair you want to color over the board. It is designed to give you firm foundation to paint on, there is even a texture to avoid slippage. This especially true if you are working on long hair, when stability is key.

If you are wondering how to balayage, know that even though it is a freehand technique you need professional tools. Our products are designed with you in mind. As stylists, we know how important it is it to control your product during the application process.

Just like a painter relies on a palette, you can rely on your balayage paddle. While many think of highlights as blonde, you can absolutely experiment with other colors once you have your technique down. And your creativity can truly flow when you have the right equipment to rely on.


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