Free Hair Artist Guide to COVID-19

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A note from our founder...

"Three years ago I created Beauty Innovations Pro with the launch of Balay Powder to help Hair Artists like myself solve the challenge of lift and consistency when it came to balayage lighteners. Today, we face a extremely different challenge with the COVID-19 pandemic. 


At Beauty Innovations Pro we want to continue to help the community, especially during trying times like these. This is why I’ve created the free Hair Artist Guide to COVID-19. 


This guide is a resource for both stylists who are still working behind the chair today and those who are seeking advice while the salon is shutting down. 


My hope is that this guide will assist in flattening the curve of the corona COVID-19 virus and keep you and your community safe. We are all in this together, let’s meet the needs of today, so we can see each other at the other end tomorrow."


-XOXO James & the Beauty Innovations Pro Team



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