How To Become Fast at Doing Hair To Increase Serving Timing | Business Tips for New Hair Stylists

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If you ever see a fellow stylist in the salon start and finish a color application and say “you are so fast!” If you are frustrated because you want in on how to become fast at doing hair too… then this video is for you. Because… 

There are ways you can become fast with precision too. 

Know though that if you just accept the fact that you are slow and say “it is what it is”  and just ignore it, things get really ugly. 

What most people do when they are slow is make excuses and take short cuts. But for most this never works. 

You risk losing customers because they get tired of waiting for you to finish a previous guest and not respecting their time. 

They feel like you cut corners in their service and do not appreciate that. (they will notice)

Guest service team will not want to book customers with you and you risk not growing like everyone else around you. 

But it does not have to be like this and you too can increase your speed and still have precision. I’ve got some tips that work that I want to share with you. 

  1. I want to start by caveating that we are not talking about custom detail work like a platinum card with a million foils. 
    1. Charge based on timing in this case.
  2. Practice! Practice! Practice!
  3. Don’t put down your tools when working blow-dry example
  4. Access your procedures and find easy to cut down time. 
    1. Ex. do you fold your foils in thirds? Is it needed every time?
  5. Give yourself some grace, you will get there in time.
  6. When you do get faster you can then spend that extra time giving a better guest experience
    1. Ex a lengthy head massage 

Head on into this episode and get on a path that will have your fellow peers saying “you are so fast” too. 


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