What To Do When a Client Is Unhappy

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Want to know what to do when a salon client is unhappy? 

If you ever had a customer that was not happy with the outcome of their hair… If you ever had a salon guest who was frustrated or just down right irate…. Then this episode is for you. 

If you are armed with the right systems in your arsenal you can completely turn a customer’s experience around and have them talking positive things when they leave. 

But if you are not equipped with the right strategy to deal with unhappy salon guests… you could end up pushing them to become even more angry and leave you a bad review online. A few bad online reviews could be detrimental to your business. 

In the ten years owning a top salon in the nation we have had a few incidents that we learned from and were able to build preventative processes out of it. In this episode, I am going to show you exactly how we handle unhappy customers in the salon so that you too can turn a customer’s experience around and have them leave on a positive note. 


Listen to understand the issue being presented to you. 

Acknowledge-show the customer that you understand their grievance by verbally confirming it.

Thank the customer for letting you know about the issue.

Take action-do what you can to resolve the issue. Take this as an opportunity to turn your customer’s bad experience into a positive one. 

Encourage them to come again. End on a high note and build loyalty by encouraging the customer to come back. Maybe offer a free haircut or a treatment. 

So this method will work for 98% of unhappy customer situations BUT there is that 2% that you may never be able to please. 

Rare breed of person that I’ve only encountered a few times in the 20 years of doing hair. 

You’ll know her as soon as you get her in your chair… 

  • They are the one who wants to instruct you on their service because they know best. 
  • They are the one who gets down right nasty if felt like you are not doing it exactly the way they feel it should be done. 
  • The one who wants the service done twice every time they are in the salon inorder to feel like they got what they wanted. 
  • They are the one who jiggle your last nerve to the point your hands shake
  • They are the one who everyone in the salon knows and warns you about before their service because they are so well just say particular 

Here is the thing… Time is money and if a customer is taking the time of two service applications consistently then they should pay for two services. If they want you to take the hit and only pay for one service then it may be time to break up with that customer. 

I recommend letting the customer know that it seems as though we’re unable to meet their needs and encourage them to visit another salon and wish them the best. But they won’t be able to see anyone in this salon any longer unless they pay for the time they require for their service. 

So there you have it. This should help you with everything you need the next time you find yourself with an unhappy client. 

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