Tips for What To Do During Slow Days at the Salon

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If you’re feeling a bit slow behind the chair, sitting in the back room for what seems like forever, and just wanting to create a game plan to have your books filled in the future…then this episode is for you!

Knowing what to do during slow days at the salon will help you to set up a future that has your books full with busier days ahead! 

If you don’t learn these tips for what to do during slow days at the salon, things will remain the same, and you will continue to have slow days. 

When most stylists face slow days at the salon they head to the backroom and complain about how slow it is, blaming the salon for not doing enough marketing. But spending your slow days in the backroom complaining makes your business suffer, and will keep your career at the slow pace it’s going. Spending those slow days in the back room being negative will ultimately make you become resentful of your place of employment and the industry! 

It does NOT have to be this way though. 

In this episode I am going to share with you the same tips that have helped me to address slow times in our top 200 salon that will get you on your path to a more steady schedule and paycheck. 

So let’s get right to it…

  1. Find a side hustle like online businesses such as survey taking on swagbucks, proofreading on upwork or fiver, sell something on ebay or etsy. 
  2. Get on a mannequin and practice on your skill 
  3. Hop on social media for the right reasons and start reaching out to people locally that fit your ideal target market and start conversation about their hair. When the time is right send them an offer of some sort. 
  4. Take a course that will help you with your systems behind the chair and ultimately make more money on each customer that you see. 

I am hosting a free  training all about why it is so slow in the salon and how you can fix it. It provides simple strategies that you can start today even if you are rebuilding your client base. 

  • SECRET 1
  • Discover proven systems you can use that will get your books filled up and have you making that money in no time. 
  • SECRET 2
  • Learn how you can see less customers and make more money. 
  • SECRET 3
  • Find out how to get to a place where you can spend more time doing the things you love, like spending time with friends and family. 

Here is what to do now.. Click the link attached in the description or head on over to and take the free training. 

I’ll see you on the inside!  Oh and don’t forget to give this episode a like and hit subscribe as this tells the interwebs that this content is helpful and put it in front of others who could benefit from it too.

See you in the next one!  


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